IBM Cognos

We’ve spent a good part of the last two decades delivering Cognos solutions for businesses in many industries, often pushing Cognos to its limits. So why hire us?

A lot of Cognos experts out there are simply that. Experts at Cognos, and not much else. We’re good at Cognos, but not just because of our knowledge of Cognos. We’re good at Cognos because we also know and understand the technologies that support and surround Cognos. We know data warehouses. We know that some problems are best solved with raw SQL. We know root cause analysis. We know how to code. And we work smart.

Most importantly, we’re more interested in helping you solve your problems than selling you software licenses. If there’s a nail that the Cognos hammer can’t hit, we probably have a different hammer in our toolbox that can do the job.

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Knodeo Reporting & Analysis

We’ve designed and built Knodeo, which is a simple but powerful data warehouse, reporting and analysis framework.

Our framework allows you to build only what you need, with no added fluff. It’s also better than building from scratch, as our stack is built from proven, open source technologies. And the best part of our solution, is that your software licenses have zero cost. Yes, you read that right. You only pay us for the services work to build what you need.

Knodeo is built for companies that need a powerful reporting solution but without the huge costs required to just get a foot in the door. Sound interesting?  Learn more about Knodeo.

Knodeo Reporting Tools

  • Knodeo Launcher – Web Reports
  • OXI – Microsoft Office XML Injection
  • Add On Applications
  • Automated Report Delivery

Assign It To Us Support Services

Installation & Configuration

  • Multi-Tier Server Architecture
  • Automated Configuration & Deployment
  • Performasnce Monitoring, Backup, Recovery & Upgrades
  • Security Methodology & Upgrades


  • Requirements Gathering & Definition
  • Solutions Design
  • Data Modeling
  • ETL/Data Warehouse
  • OLAP Multi-Dimensional Modeling
  • Dashboards, Analytics & Reporting
  • Application Development


  • IBM Cognos Upgrades & Content Migration
  • Database Migrations


  • Solution Based User Training