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Solutions built for companies that need powerful reporting and analytics but without the huge costs required just to get a foot in the door.

You’re a small to midsize company but you still need business reporting and analytics to improve business processes, identify opportunities for growth and maintain your competitive advantage. Enterprise, commercial-off-the-shelf software have their place, but they’re designed to be everything to everyone. They make money by selling expensive software with dense feature lists that require scarce skill sets and specialized training…and that can leave your business out in the cold.
Midsize companies need analytic solutions that work better with busy IT staff and limited budgets.
We’ve designed and built Knodeo, which is a simple but powerful analytics database, reporting and analysis framework. Our framework allows you to build only what you need, with no added fluff. It’s also better than building from scratch, as our stack is built from proven, open source technologies. And the best part of our solution, is that your software licenses have zero cost. Yes, you read that right. You only pay us for the services work to build what you need.
The true value comes from experts at Assign It To Us who use this technology to build the right solution for your corportate reporting and analytics. There are no upfront software costs so these solutions show immediate return on investment and help your company grow.

Manage, track and apply changes to the data model.
Move and integrate data into the analytics database. Clean, aggregate and apply business rules to support the business analytics and reporting requirements.
Integrate data from any data source including popular cloud services with public APIs.

A Home For Your Data

The heart of any good reporting system is the data. Knodeo provides a centralized home for your data in the form of an Analytics Database. It doesn’t matter whether your data is in a database, flat file or in the cloud. Knodeo can get it.Beyond giving your data a home, Knodeo’s tools move, clean and transform the data so that any analysis performed on it is accurate and actionable.

Insight and Analysis

Data is not information, and information is not insight. Your data needs to take several transformative steps before it is truly useful.Baked into the Knodeo development are roadmaps with steps to understand your business data and user requirements so that your business logic is already in the analytics database, ready to be analyzed in the form of reports and dashboards.

Big Savings

The Knodeo core software itself is free. That includes the data migration tools, database server, server OS and web portal. You can have as many servers, users, CPUs and environments as you’d like without ever paying extra for Knodeo licenses. Compare that to other solutions, which have arcane licensing schemes with annual maintenance charges.Simply put, you only pay for the development of your analytics database, reports and dashboards.Since Knodeo is extensible and open, add-on components are also available for purchase (or for free) by Assign It To Us or Knodeo partners. You can even develop your own add-on component and sell it.

A Toolbox, Not A Tool

When you’ve only got a hammer, eventually everything looks like a nail. When you’ve spent a lot of money on a name-brand reporting solution, every information request starts to look like a nail.Knodeo is a toolbox, not a tool. You aren’t limited to using Knodeo tools in that toolbox. You can use any existing data-capable products your company might already have. And because the core Knodeo platform is free, your decisions on what tools to use to solve a business problem aren’t influenced by a sunk cost.So whether you do everything in the Knodeo web portal, or mix and match with tools like Cognos, Tableau or Excel, it’s your choice.

Deploying Knodeo

Knodeo was designed to be easily deployed in your infrastructure. With Linux/Unix based servers, our automated installation process makes it a snap to deploy the base Knodeo platform. We can install it on a server you provision, but Knodeo works in other deployment scenarios as well.

Server Appliance

Instead of having to provision your own server, we can provide you with a drop-in server appliance sized for your company’s needs. Start up the pre-configured server and be ready to go in minutes.

Virtual Appliance

If you have a VMWare or Virtualbox environment, we can provide you with a drop-in virtual appliance. If you’re using another type of virtualized environment, we can help you create a virtual server image.


Knodeo is easily deployed on a server in the cloud with a provider such as Amazon Web Services, Rackspace Cloud, Microsoft Azure, OVH or Linode. Automation code installs and configures your cloud infrastructure.