Today’s businesses create and collect data in multiple locations and without a way to combine the data into one single view, it’s hard to know what impact any of it has on your business. Your data is a valuable asset for your business and you need to extract your existing data from all your source locations and make it available for easy reporting and analysis.

Assign It To Us uses Knodeo Data Integration and delivers powerful extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) capabilities. The foundation for the Knodeo is a centralized database modeled on database abstraction layers. These layers reduce the amount of work needed to integrate and maintain the many source systems that exist in most organizations. Beyond giving your data a home, Knodeo’s tools move, clean and transform the data so that any analysis performed on it is accurate and actionable.

Use integrated data to better analyze and report on the organization’s performance and take action to improve processes and decision making; because making smarter business decisions helps to improve the bottom line.

Assign It To Us Support Services

Installation & Configuration

  • Multi-Tier Server Architecture
  • Automated Configuration & Deployment
  • Performasnce Monitoring, Backup, Recovery & Upgrades
  • Security Methodology & Upgrades


  • Requirements Gathering & Definition
  • Solutions Design
  • Data Modeling
  • ETL/Data Warehouse
  • OLAP Multi-Dimensional Modeling
  • Dashboards, Analytics & Reporting
  • Application Development


  • IBM Cognos Upgrades & Content Migration
  • Database Migrations


  • Solution Based User Training