Improving the Quality of the Vehicles we Drive.

The Company is a world leader in the design and manufacture of automobiles. Vehicles are sold via dealers throughout the country and service data is collected at the dealer level. To improve the quality and safety of the vehicles, the Company collects data on the defective or sub-standard part(s) and provides information to the engineering department for continuous improvement.


  • Identifying and analysing issues associated with vehicles in various business areas
  • Tracking and fixing the issues that affect the quality of the vehicles
  • Availability of data and reports for management based on large data sets

Issue Analysis is a searching tool that allows Technical Operations to identify issues associated with the Company’s Vehicles in various business areas. Issue Analysis is available to users via a centralized system where the defects are entered into the system at the dealer level.

There is also the Issue Tracking system which is a web-based Java application used by the Technical Operations department for the tracking of issues related to the Company’s vehicles. It is somewhat comparable to a software bug tracking system, with the notable exception being that it’s used to track vehicles, not code. Issue Tracking is available to users via a centralized system used at the dealer level.

The main challenge for the business is that the detailed Issue Analysis data was not available for end users to efficiently search and select the parts across the many vehicle brands, makes and models. The underlying data in the system was also very detailed as it is collected and stored at the FSA level.

    Success Strategy

    • Work with Assign It To Us employees to implement the solution
    • Install and deploy IBM Cognos Business Intelligence
    • Implement reports and analytics with customized search and prompt criteria

    The solution involved designing, developing and implementing the Issue Analysis reports set that perform data warehouse queries over several business areas. These areas include Parts Sales, Vehicle Sales, CIC, TAS and Warranty.

    Adhoc reports included customized prompting designed based on the requirements from each department. Analysis reports were created and automated to run daily to be saved and distributed on file shares. Some of the more complex datasets that stored data at the FSA level were summarized using IBM Cognos Powerplay cubes.

    Management reports included, Issue Progress Status, Open and Closed Issues, Days spent on issues by Analyst, Model and Month. Maintenance and Total Quality reports helped to track improvements based on engineering changes.

      Results and Benefits

      • Better access to Issue Analysis data for users in each department
      • More timely data availably to engineers to make decisions to improve quality
      • Analytics based on large detailed data sets that was previously unavailble

        The Issue Analysis Reporting system allows the users to get the information on vehicle quality, based on their department requirements. Engineers can now track trends in the data that show defects that may be caused by flaws in the design and/or manufacturing processes. Users in the Warranty Department can make policy that better aligns to the make and model of the vehicle and the related climate the vehicle is sold. Management has access to summarized data and can make decisions on each of the vehicle lines so that future models are built better.