Quick Start Solutions

Quick Start solutions are designed and built to provide ‘out-of-the-box’ value for your business. These quick start solutions are designed based on our experience of building similar solutions for clients over many years. We’ve done most of the hard upfront work for you and developed these pre-configured solutions for business reporting and analysis so companies can benefit from a rapid return on their investment.

Using these Quick Start solutions, you are able to analyse your business performance using “slice and dice” and “drill down” capabilities. You can also create ad hoc queries, managed reports for distribution through the organization, scorecards to manage your key performance indicators, and dashboards to present a high level view of the organization wide performance.

Legal Reporting & Analytics

The foundation for the Legal Reporting & Analytics quick start solution is the use of the database abstraction layers. These layers reduce the amount of work needed to integrate and maintain the legal source systems that exist in most firms. The centralized data warehouse currently integrates systems such as Legal Files, Needles, Elite, Tabs3, 3rd party data sources and other intake systems. Additional systems can be integrated to allow an enterprise view of the firm’s information. API integration also pulls data from cloud based systems such as Google Analytics and pay-per-click services such as Google Adwords and Bing Ads. By centralizing all the data in the quick start solution, firms can create powerful reports and analyses so they can track their firm’s performance and take action to maximize the firm’s profitability.

Legal Reporting & Analysis solution

  • Shareholders Dashboard
  • Marketing Dashboard
  • Leads Ranking & Intake Dashboard
  • New Matters Reports
  • Weekly Client Leads
  • Conflicts Report (All Systems)
  • Statute of Limitation Reports (Retained/Non-Retained)
  • Mass Tort Campaign Reports
  • Web Analytics & Click Through Reports
  • Finance Reports

API Data Integration

Integrate data from any data source including popular cloud services with public APIs, It doesn’t matter whether your data is in a database, flat file or in the cloud. Knodeo can get it. Beyond giving your data a home, Knodeo’s tools move, clean and transform the data so that any analysis performed on it is accurate and actionable.

Every day businesses are using centrally hosted services. Examples of these cloud services include Google Apps, Analytics & Adwords, Salesforce, Hubspot, Microsoft 365, Amazon Web, Slack and any other software as a service application used by your business. Your data assets are valuable and need to be integrated to better analyze the organization’s performance and take action to improve processes and decision making; because making smarter business decisions helps to improve the bottom line.

API Data Integration Solution

  • Web Overview Dashboard
  • Traffic & Conversions
  • Web Leads & Clients
  • PPC Campaign Report Analysis
  • Time Tracking Reports
  • CRM Pipeline Reports