Tufte CSS

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Are you a fan of Edward Tufte‘s work? I’m a huge fan of his work. I’ve pretty much bought all of his books, and I consider them required reading for anyone who makes reports and visualizations.

Dave Liepmann has created a CSS that mirrors the styling and layouts of Tufte’s books. Edward Tufte himself is even contributing to this open source Github repo. Pretty cool stuff, if you ask me.

SFW Analysis Porn: Yelp and Stack Overflow

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Don’t let the title, this post is totally SFW (safe-for-work). I’m a total sucker for well-researched, well-written applications of data analysis, and a couple of really good ones hit my browser today.

Stack Overflow – The Brutal Lifecycle of Javascript Frameworks

Stack Overflow’s Ian Allen did a deep dive analysis on the popularity of various Javascript Frameworks like JQuery, React and Angular using the Q&A and user data collected by their site. While it’s no surprise that JQuery is seeing a slow decline with the advent of more complete frameworks, it’s still the king in terms of usage. Web programmers love bandwagons, though, and it’s interesting to see the popularity curves of the various libraries. AngularJS is clearly on the decline, while ReactJS, Angular (the newer flavour of AngularJS), and Vue.js are on the rise.

Using Yelp Data to Predict Restaurant Closure

In today’s day and age, restaurants live and die off their Yelp reviews. At Towards Data Science, Michail Alifierakis did an incredibly detailed analysis of Yelp Data. He basically took Yelp’s anonymized data, de-anonymized it, and built a model that can predict restaurant closures within a four year time frame.   It’s well written, clear and informative. Alifierakis also includes a Github link to the code for his analysis work. Definitely a must-read for analysis nerds.