Generating Rolling Start and End Dates Landing on Preset Weekdays From Any Date

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I answered a Cognos question on Reddit last week, and figured the formulas I provided in the answer would be useful to other people. I’m writing this in generic pseudo code, so that it’s not Cognos specific, so you should be able to use this in anything by changing up the function names to your tool of choice. The Problem … Read More

How to Send Reports to a Slack Channel

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My work colleague Steven, often tells me that it bothers him when he’s forced to visit and log into many places to get the company reports he needs. He wants to avoid logging into separate reporting portals, intranet sites, file shares or native apps and would rather have his info prepared specifically for him on the communication tools he currently … Read More

7 Useful Management Reports for the Law Firm

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Reporting and Analytics for Law Firms If you’re a managing partner┬áthat isn’t actively measuring and tracking performance within the firm, you may be missing the performance indicators that your firm needs to grow and compete in today’s market. Your data currently exist in multiple systems such as leads, CRM, intake management, accounting, billing, cloud, web analytics and third-party sources but … Read More

Tufte CSS

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Are you a fan of Edward Tufte‘s work? I’m a huge fan of his work. I’ve pretty much bought all of his books, and I consider them required reading for anyone who makes reports and visualizations. Dave Liepmann has created a CSS that mirrors the styling and layouts of Tufte’s books. Edward Tufte himself is even contributing to this open … Read More