Giving Atom Another Go

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A little bit of history Since switching back to Windows, my go-to text editor has been Sublime Text ( While I purchased the license back when I was a Mac user, Panic’s Coda ( was still my go-to editor. Don’t get me wrong, Sublime is easily one of the best text editors on any platform, and it’s inexpensive for something … Read More

How to Save Data Locally in Electron

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So you’ve hitched yourself on the Electron bandwagon, and you’ve started coding, and now you realize you want to save data locally in Electron. Yes, you know how to code and you can do whatever you want, but you obviously want to do the right thing for your application. While I’ve been admiring Electron from afar for quite some time, … Read More

Quick Hit: Regular Expression Visualizer

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Regular expressions can be pretty intimidating when you are introduced to them. If you’re not familiar with regular expressions, think of them as a wildcard string for finding patterns in text. They’re incredibly useful for finding needles in haystacks of text and for super advanced search and replace. Most coding text editors support them, and many relational databases support them … Read More

Facebook Open Sources Detectron, An Object Detection Library

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So this one is interesting, especially for those who want to get data out of images. Facebook’s research team has open sourced Detectron under the Apache license, and it looks like it does some very cool things. According to their blog post, they’ve also got 70+ pre-trained models you can play with from their model zoo. Don’t get me wrong, … Read More

Luna – WYSIWYG Data Processing

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The Luna 1.0 Beta was just released and is available for download, and it sounds like a very interesting project. The Luna team describes their product as WYSIWYG Data Processing, but you can look at it as a visual data flow language. I haven’t really had any time to really dig into this, but I think data nerds might really … Read More