Quick Hit: Create Visualizations Using YAML/JSON files

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Daniel Kantor has a pretty nifty repo called just-dashboard that lets you make charts using YAML (Yet Another Markup Language) or JSON (JavaScript Object Notation). YAML and JSON for the most part are human readable and don’t have a huge learning curve to pick up. One neat feature is that the library will work with Github Gists. You can see the … Read More

7 Useful Management Reports for the Law Firm

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Reporting and Analytics for Law Firms If you’re a managing partner that isn’t actively measuring and tracking performance within the firm, you may be missing the performance indicators that your firm needs to grow and compete in today’s market. Your data currently exist in multiple systems such as leads, CRM, intake management, accounting, billing, cloud, web analytics and third-party sources but … Read More

Facebook Open Sources Detectron, An Object Detection Library

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So this one is interesting, especially for those who want to get data out of images. Facebook’s research team has open sourced Detectron under the Apache license, and it looks like it does some very cool things. According to their blog post, they’ve also got 70+ pre-trained models you can play with from their model zoo. Don’t get me wrong, … Read More