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Why Use Assign It To Me?

Assign It To Me is built for billing organizations. Whether you’re a professional services company, web marketing agency or an independent wedding planner, you need to make sure that your projects are making forward progress without losing money. Assign It To Me is a list of tasks, shared by you and your team. As work is done, your team tracks progress, identifies scope changes and eliminates risk so that you can deliver successful and profitable projects for your customers..


For Project Owners

Project owners need to easily plan and track their team’s work. So whether you use a waterfall, agile or mixed approach, Assign it to me is the flexible tool to manage your project tasks and match your team’s work style.


  • Simple Project Management
  • Realtime Dashboard Metrics & Reports
  • Change and Risk Management

For Team Members

Let’s not kid ourselves, everyone hates booking their time and creating status reports. Assign It To Me integrates project management, task status and time tracking into a single system.


  • Focused Assigned To Me inbox
  • Task Level Time & Updates
  • Premade Status & Workload Reports


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    1 Manager *
    1 Team Member
    Unlimited Projects



    2 Managers *
    2 Team Members
    Unlimited Projects



    5 Managers
    Unlimited Team Members
    Unlimited Projects



    10 Managers
    Unlimited Team Members
    Unlimited Projects



    25 Managers
    Unlimited Team Members
    Unlimited Projects

* Each Manager account includes a Team Member account.

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Tailored For You

Projects have many different roles and responsibilities that are integral to a successful completion. The needs of each member is different depending on the assigned role. Which one are you? We designed Assign It To Me to benefit all your key user types.

Business Owners

  • High Level View of Performance
  • Reduced Administrative Overhead
  • Simplified Pricing for Managers

Project Owners

  • Project Health Indicators
  • Simple Project & Task Tracking
  • Reduce administrivia

Task Owners

  • Focused Task Inbox
  • Easy Update of Progress & Time
  • One-Click Status Reports