Pro Tip: Juggling remote desktop windows? Avoid destructive actions in the wrong window with this easy trick.

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Are you a multitasker who juggles multiple Remote Desktop windows at the same time? It’s easy to fall into the trap of performing the wrong action in the wrong window when all of your windows look the same. It happens to the best of us.

So what’s an easy way to differentiate between the different remote desktop screens?

If your remote machines are using a modern version of Windows, you can use task bar and window title bar background colors to differentiate between them. A desktop background color can help too, but it’s not very useful if you maximize your windows.

  1. Go into Settings > Personalization > Colors
  2. Pick a color in the Windows colors section
  3. Turn off Transparency Effects (otherwise the color is less prominent)
  4. Make sure Start, taskbar and action center is checked
  5. Make sure Title bars and window borders is checked

So for servers you shouldn’t make changes to willy-nilly, make the background red. For servers you need to be cautious on, make the background gold or yellow. Setting the colors won’t prevent errors all of the time, but they’ll sure help.

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