Quick Hit: HockeyViz – Incredible Infographics for Hockey Fans

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I stumbled on a game summary for a recent game involving the Toronto Maple Leafs, and was super impressed by the visualization used (see below).

I’m a much bigger fan of great visualizations than I am of hockey, so I felt that hockeyviz.com deserved a shoutout.

The chart is simple, easy to read and has a high degree of information density. Mathematician and freelance data visualizer Micah Blake McCurdy has done a fantastic job of creating these game summary infographics. In the example above, I especially love how he uses varying line thicknesses to show comparisons of how much time players spend with each other.

I don’t know how he manages to produce these for every game (I assume he’s figured out how to automate the process), but this is top notch work. Simply outstanding.


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