Level Up Your Productivity With Crazy Keyboard Macros

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Taran Van Hemert at Linus Tech Tips has a fantastic video on how to power up your productivity with macro keyboards. Taran does hardcore (as in intensive, not the other one) video editing for Linus Tech Tips, and top pros like him are slowed down by having to memorize keyboard shortcuts and other things to get repetitive tasks done faster.

Taran’s solution is to have specialized macro-enabled keyboards with identifying labels put on the keycaps. For such a nerdy topic, Taran does an incredibly fun deep-dive into the world of macro keyboards. If you don’t believe me, his video has over 1.1 million views at the time of writing. Put in context, we’re talking about a video on keyboard macros, not watching some celebrity trying to eat extremely hot wings. KEYBOARD MACROS.



I use a macro-enabled keyboard for my day-to-day as well, although not to the degree that Taran does. I use a now-discontinued SteelSeries Apex gaming keyboard, which has 22 programmable keys. Don’t let the “gaming” label turn you off – this keyboard boosts my productivity every day. I have 10 keys for launching apps that I’m constantly using all day, and the remaining 12 are used for constantly used functions in Atom, my IDE.

I had never heard of the Hasu USB Converter mentioned in Taran’s video, but I’m definitely getting one once they come back in stock (I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re sold out because of the Taran’s video). I have a label printer and spare keyboard, so I would probably go nuts making an Atom-focused keyboard where I can hit a single key to perform an action as opposed to relying on Atom’s command palette.

Bonus: If you want to see how hardcore Taran is at video editing, he has a 4-hour+ tutorial on Premiere Pro video editing that’s got 1.4M views (what!?). Full disclosure, too long, didn’t watch.

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