New Extrata Features for Oct 2018

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It’s beem a busy month!  Below are the new features added to Extrata. New API service connectors added to Extrata Export Projects to Packages Projects can now be exported to a package that can be saved as a template and shared with others in your team.  These packages can be imported into other Extrata environments without affecting the existing content. … Read More

Extracting Stripe Transactions for Accounting Entries

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Stripe is used every day by businesses to process payments online for the goods and services sold.  We use Stripe in our business to sell software licences for our online products. As the transactions rolled in, our team wondered how we would capture the information needed to record the monthly accounting transactions. After looking at the Stripe reports, we learned … Read More

Microsoft Excel Rules The World

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Having Excel skills is like winning the jackpot in the lottery. When other people find out what you’ve got, they come out of the woodwork and ask for your help. Ira Iosebasshvili’s article on Excel skills is a pretty funny take (to me at least) on the reality of people knowing that you have a skill they don’t have, whether … Read More