Track Automated ETL Jobs in Pentaho

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Overview You’ve set-up your Pentaho jobs and schedule them from the task scheduler or cron scheduler. The next day and each day after that, you get a flood of success and failure emails from your jobs that run overnight or every hour. We found that our developers spent just as much time wrangling these emails than troubleshooting the run issues. So … Read More

Generating a Date Dimension Table with Pentaho Data Integration

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Overview A good date dimension is essential for any data warehouse or reporting database. If you don’t have the right tools, you’ll often find yourself generating this date dimension in Excel, which can be tedious. This reusable Pentaho Data Integration transformation lets you create a date dimension with a user-defined start date and the number of days. Feel free to … Read More

Luna – WYSIWYG Data Processing

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The Luna 1.0 Beta was just released and is available for download, and it sounds like a very interesting project. The Luna team describes their product as WYSIWYG Data Processing, but you can look at it as a visual data flow language. I haven’t really had any time to really dig into this, but I think data nerds might really … Read More

Tufte CSS

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Are you a fan of Edward Tufte‘s work? I’m a huge fan of his work. I’ve pretty much bought all of his books, and I consider them required reading for anyone who makes reports and visualizations. Dave Liepmann has created a CSS that mirrors the styling and layouts of Tufte’s books. Edward Tufte himself is even contributing to this open … Read More