Not Now, Later.

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From Idea To Product A lot of people have great ideas for products. The challenge of turning those products into ideas is that the ideas are usually only half-baked. What is in your head often comes out a lot different in reality. Things don’t flow as well in the real world as they do in your head. You can start … Read More

Not Invented Here

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle When you’re building an application, it makes sense to take advantage of as many open source libraries as you can. These libraries can often save a lot of time… or not. Fit or Misfit When you’re building an application, it’s easy to fall into the trap of assuming your Google results for some function you want will … Read More

Enterprise Business Intelligence Can Be Hard

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We’ve seen it happen many times. A customer is sitting through a polished demo of some commercial-of-the-shelf product from one of the big Business Intelligence vendors. Screen after screen of dashboards and reports with perfect data flash by. The customer’s first thought is that this is the tool that will improve all business decisions. The salesperson’s goal is to close … Read More

A Defining Moment

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YAPMA If you look for project management software, you’ll find a ton of apps. A TON. Basecamp, Mavenlink, Zoho, Trello, Microsoft Project… the list goes on. And yet, Vince and I still made Yet Another Project Management App. Are we crazy? If you ask people who know us, they’ll probably say that there is indeed a little bit of crazy … Read More